Triple D Express are based in the Midlands which means they can get anywhere when required.

Why is the Midlands the best place to set up a Business?

Many well-established companies and brands throughout the UK set themselves up in the East Midlands. Courier operators are no different. Being in the Midlands means we can get to anywhere in the country as quickly as possible. In an age when everyone wants everything yesterday, being accessible has never been more important. So that’s why being right in the middle is so important. Below we discuss why being in the centre of the UK is so beneficial for us as a business and why it allows us to help other nationwide and midlands-based businesses where we can.

Easy access

Triple D can claim easy access to all the essential motorways at the drop of a hat. From our Birmingham base, if a company has a same-day courier service requirement, then our couriers and drivers can be on the road just like that. Working with clients who are based up and down the country, it is imperative that we can jump on the road ASAP. Whether clients are using our secure storage solutions or just the courier service, we can help. We often work with nationwide businesses, meaning we are all over the country.

Just as an example, if we were working with a flooring distributor, we would need to be able to deliver large consignments all over the UK at short notice. Some flooring companies based in the midlands offer a next-day delivery service. For example, if we were dispatching for a company like Flooring Direct, which offers next-day vinyl flooring, we would be able to offer them a secure storage solution for their rolls. From there, Triple D would be on the case whenever a product needed to be delivered, ensuring that both the sender and the recipient were happy with the seamless delivery. That’s why being a midlands-based business is so important to us. We are able to get Ashbourne and to the customer in double quick time.

Everything we need is in the Midlands

Not only do our logistics hold up in the Midlands, but so does the accessibility of other companies. For example, because of where we are, we are able to find local businesses that help us out. That means we’re not trekking up and down the country when we don’t need to. We save that for our deliveries! Because of the automated systems that we have in place, we often need IT support to keep the system and software up to date. Whilst our in-house team ensure nothing ever goes wrong, it’s good to know that IT support companies in Derby and other areas in the Midlands would be able to help at every opportunity. We are always finding new ways to improve our service, and IT and technology play an integral part in that. Brilliant news for midlands businesses!

Triple D Express are eye-catching for the customer

On top of that, we also work to please the customer. The customer experience has to be top-notch. But first, we need to attract the customer to work with us. Thanks to our branding, clients and customers alike have often chosen Triple D Express. Our brand speaks for itself as our reputation, as shown in our customer reviews. We are delighted with the progress the company has made. The Midlands is a haven for marketing companies who can assist us with our work. Digital Marketing agencies in Derby such as Maximizon are able to scoot all over the country, providing their services. And if they are ever sending out boxes or leaflets, they know which courier to use. We’re all about helping local businesses; that is exactly what we do at Triple D Express.

We are able to update our customers

Please check back to our blog, as this will be home to industry updates, company news, and more! We hope you find our new website useful and interesting, and we look forward to supporting you with all your courier needs, hassle-free and guaranteed. If you are looking for midlands-based businesses for your delivery needs, you know where to find us. We’d love to hear from you from the team at Triple D Express.

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