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What impact will HS2 have on the logistics business?

The HS2 project has generated its fair share of headlines. Despite supporters praising its potential to make travel quicker and boost the economy, critics have expressed their concern about its spiralling costs and environmental impact. The PM’s pending order to cancel phase 2 of the project has done little to silence the ongoing disputes, but could the change of plan dilute the impact HS2 has on the logistics industry? Here we look at the aim of HS2, what this means for UK travel and whether rail will replace the road for couriers. We also discuss how Triple D Express can provide logistics help for businesses during troublesome times.

What is HS2?

In a nutshell, HS2 is a new high-speed railway project that, once finished, will provide Great Britain with zero-carbon journeys between Birmingham and London. Originally, the services were set to continue into Manchester (phase 2), but in October, the government announced the planned cancellation of the final part of the programme because of soaring costs. While this means a change in plan for the delivery of the project, it also means a shift in how the new transport links will affect businesses that place travel at the heart of what they do.

How will HS2 affect logistics on the road?

The aim of HS2 is to cut down on journey times and make travel more efficient. This, in turn, is estimated to cause a modal shift of journeys from road to rail, freeing up busy motorways and causing less pollution in the process. With each freight train on the HS2 reported to remove up to 76 lorries from the roads, this prospect sounds enticing for those who spend a lot of time sitting in traffic. But where does this change in infrastructure leave drivers who transport freight up and down the country for a living? Of course, we should all get behind an improvement in road safety, but a targeted push towards rail travel in the future is bound to concern those whose livelihood depends on the road.

Will rail replace the road for courier services?

Although lorry drivers might be questioning the impact of HS2 on logistics as an industry, the changing face of UK travel doesn’t necessarily mean that road-based courier services will become redundant. As a Midlands-based business, the pending cancellation of the Birmingham to Manchester phase could catalyse market growth. An increase in demand for a responsive delivery service to take freight and consignments further north could see couriers busier than ever. It’s also worth remembering that the HS2 narrative has not run smoothly, and its original estimated completion date of 2029 has already been pushed back to 2033. With further delays expected, the logistics industry has time to prepare for a modal shift and use it to its advantage. This means that Triple D Express will provide logistics help for businesses

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