Warehouse Woes No More: Optimal Storage Solutions for UK Industries

Optimal Storage Solutions for UK industries could vary depending on the specific industry and its needs. Take a look below at how the following optimal storage solutions can assist your business with managing your workload and stock.

Pallet-Racking Systems

Industries that deal with large quantities of palletised goods tend to use pallet-racking systems. The reason for this is that they efficiently use vertical spaces and give easy access to the goods. You would usually use these systems in warehouses and distribution centres.

Hazardous Materials Storage

Many industries deal with hazardous materials. You would need specialised storage for these materials for the safety of others. These storage systems should be following safety regulations to protect people and the environment.

Shelving and Racking Systems

Retail, automotive and manufacturing industries are likely to use shelving and racking systems to store their inventory. This type of storage is good for smaller items and non-palletised goods. Systems like this are organised and provide an easy solution for accessing goods.

Mezzanine Flooring

Another layer of storage space for inventory is an efficient way to store goods. This type of storage helps to maximise the available area for storage without the expense of building renovations. All our warehouses in Birmingham are fitted with safety flooring and aspects that will ensure your stock is kept safe and secure.

Outdoor Storage Solutions

Many industries, like construction and agriculture, use outdoor storage solutions. This is likely to be down to the fact that the size of their inventory is bigger. Outdoor storage solutions need to be weather-resistant for special equipment, an example of this is a shipping container.

Vertical Carousels

These systems are beneficial for industries dealing with small parts. Carousels utilise vertical space efficiently and bring the items to the operator. This reduces the time spent looking for items. At Triple D Express, we would always be on hand to help and offer our storage solutions to benefit your business. We are always on hand to help businesses at Triple D Express.

What is the Best Storage Solution?

As mentioned above, the best storage solutions completely depend on the industry of the business. It’s important for businesses to assess their needs as well as their budget before investing in storage. We recommend conversating with storage solution providers or experts in the industry for advice on what’s best for your business.

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