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Storage Space for Businesses: Where to Go

Business owners sometimes struggle to store their inventory once their business has grown. When looking for storage space or warehouse to rent for your business, there are several options to consider, depending on your budget, needs and location. Let’s have a look at some of the options available.

Self-Storage Facilities

Self-storage units are suitable for businesses that require short-term storage, or temporary storage. You can choose from a range of different sizes and are likely to have access to the units 24/7. We recommend choosing a self-storage facility if you’re in need of storage as soon as possible, as it is a cost-effective option.

Find a Storage Warehouse to Rent

When thinking about renting a warehouse, it’s essential to carry out some research to save you time, money, and any future disappointment. Warehouse and industrial space can be used for various different purposes, including storage, production and distribution. What should you consider before renting a warehouse?

  1. Evaluate your storage usage

If you need to stack items, boxes or pallets, make sure you have enough vertical space. If you do not need any stacking space, there’s no reason to pay rent for a warehouse with high ceilings. Evaluate the type of storage space that you need and then look for warehouses that suit your needs.

  1. Parking Area

A car park can be helpful, depending on what you need your warehouse for. For example, if you need a warehouse purely for storing inventory, it might not be necessary to have a car park. However, if you are using the warehouse for distribution purposes, it could be more of a mandatory requirement. It’s also important to discuss the car parking situation with the landlord. This is because they can try to add extra charges sneakily.

  1. Operating Expenses

Operating costs are an important part of regular warehousing operations, and it’s important to see if these costs will be included in the rent or not. Your main goal is to identify possible warehouses that can handle your storage volume whilst keeping the products secure. Once you have a few options, you can then narrow down your options and see who has the best prices for the needs that you have.

Try Triple D Express if you need a warehouse to store your stock

Finding a warehouse to rent can be a daunting task, but once you consider the points mentioned above, you should have a few potential options. You can then narrow it down further and choose the option that is within your budget and the one that supports all the functions you need it for.

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