Triple D Express offer business in the midlands to grow via their efficient storage and courier services.

Setting up your Business in the Midlands

Whether you run an established business, you’re thinking of relocating or setting up a new enterprise, there’s no doubting the potential a Midlands postcode has to offer. The central location and nearby motorways make it the most accessible region in the country, providing a strong commercial backbone for businesses that decide to set up shop there. However, to really make the most of the geographical advantages, it’s good practice to set up a network alongside your business that will help you to thrive. Here we look at the benefits of setting up a shop in the centre of the country and why a Midlands-based warehouse can boost your business’s professional reputation.

Choose a storage service that doubles up as a warehouse

If you distribute goods to customers, you’ll need somewhere safe to store them. While some premises may have the capacity to double up as a warehouse, other businesses may find they need to source extra space, especially when there is an increase in product demand. If overheads are high, financing a larger storage facility might not be feasible. In this instance, outsourcing storage that doubles up as a Midlands based warehouse can provide your business with the space it needs without the long-term commitment. Not only will it mean your stock is kept safe for as long as you need, but you may find the storage solution you choose can support your company in other ways. Triple D Express, for example, has integrated a courier service with secure storage. We can collect goods from other companies in the Midlands within 30 minutes and offer a same-day delivery service. This swift response has the potential to solidify your commercial reputation because you’ll be able to give your customers what they need, even at very short notice.

Build your Business in the Midlands

It’s not unusual for a business to outsource digital marketing support. You might, for example, want someone to manage your social media accounts, you may need some help with your SEO, or perhaps think it’s time for a new website. When you’re deciding on a digital marketing agency to strengthen your business, it makes sense to choose one nearby you so you can travel to meetings easily. By opting for a Midlands-based agency, you’ll have tangible support from a business that will have the luxury of getting to know you well in person. While Zoom meetings still have their place, being able to sit down and discuss your business plans with the people who are helping it grow can only strengthen the relationship between you. Being within driving distance of your digital marketing support also means you have the option to meet up if any concerns arise. You’ll also be able to talk through monthly results along with any business updates that may influence the marketing strategy that’s set in motion.

Central base from which to visit clients

If you have clients nationwide, it makes sense to have a central base from which you can meet them. Because the Midlands has a strong road network and surrounding infrastructure, it serves as a central foundation from which you can travel. If you drive long distances to meet clients on a regular basis, not only will your petrol costs creep up, but your hours on the motorway will eat into your working day and reduce the time spent on generating revenue. A Midlands-based warehouse and commercial premises both serve as a focal point from which you can branch out across the country, and somewhere that both clients and suppliers can get to easily. As much as operating online makes the world much smaller, businesses still need to be able to interact with their support network and be easily reached. By choosing to operate in the Midlands, you’ll have the advantage of being close enough to clients to provide a personable service without excessive travel interfering with the smooth running of your company.

Contact Triple D Express for storage support

If you’d like more information about how outsourcing storage can act as a Midlands based warehouse for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact Triple D Express. You can call us on 0121 350 5063 or 07920 161 703, use the contact form on our website or send an email to

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