Storage solutions in Birmingham

Storage Solutions in Birmingham: Benefits of the Midlands

There are many factors to consider when choosing storage solutions for your business and lots of questions you’ll want to ask. ‘Is the service flexible?,’ for example. ‘Will your goods be kept safe and dry?’ ‘Can the items be collected from your premises?’ And ‘does choosing a company in a certain location offer any advantages?’ Here we look at the benefits of opting for storage solutions in Birmingham and how a logistics company with a Midlands address can support your business and its reputation.

Complete storage support near the motorways

You know your business better than anyone, so you’ll know how important it is to work with suppliers that can accommodate its needs. The last thing you want is to find you need support with storage at short notice and the service you chose can’t help in time. Triple D Express has integrated a courier service with the provision of secure storage solutions in Birmingham.

This enables us to collect your goods from a chosen address, keep them safe for as long as you need and then deliver them in accordance with your instructions. Because we’re located in the Midlands, we have the advantage of being extremely close to the major motorway networks. This means we can respond to your delivery and storage requests quickly because our geographical location works in your favour.

Thirty-minute turnaround if you’re in the Midlands

If your business is also located in the Midlands, Triple D Express can guarantee the collection of your goods within 30 minutes. This has the potential to give your business a competitive advantage over its competitors. Being able to respond to customer demands at short notice is what reliable reputations are made of, especially if the items in question need to be stored or delivered urgently. We live in a world where people expect fast turnarounds and don’t like to wait long for what they want.

By choosing a storage solutions company in Birmingham, you’ll be supported in the delivery of an efficient service, which will impress clients and ensure tight deadlines are met every time. A central location means accessibility on a national level but a particularly rapid response if you’re based in Birmingham or have premises nearby.

Storage solutions in Birmingham: Supporting local businesses

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘support local businesses.’ In fact, it holds so much weight it has its own hashtag that’s frequently used across social media. Whether you’re buying coffee, getting your car serviced or choosing storage solutions in Birmingham, it’s both ethical and logical to support businesses in your local area. There’s a lot to be said for supporting companies who are in a similar position and trying to carve out a professional reputation.

What’s more, local businesses like Triple D Express are more likely to go the extra mile and surpass customer expectations because they understand the importance of community rapport. While there will always be occasions when we spend our money with big corporations, there’s no denying that local businesses tend to champion a more personalised service because your custom is valued in a different way.

Contact Triple D Express for storage support

If you’d like more information about how our storage solutions in Birmingham can help your business, you can call Triple D Express on 0121 350 5063 or 07920 161 703. You can also send an email to or use the contact form on our website.

Storage solutions for overflowing stock

Stock till you Drop – Storage Solutions for Overflowing Stock

Having enough storage space for your business can be tricky to get right. On one hand, it’s important to make sure you have enough room for your stock so it’s ready to dispatch to customers. On the other hand, it’s natural to want to keep costs down and pay as little for your overheads as possible. A big warehouse is great in theory if you have the stock to fill it all year round, but what happens during quiet periods when you’re paying for space you don’t need? Here we look at how Triple D Express provides storage space for businesses and why having a flexible storage solution can help you meet customer demand. It’s important that you have solutions for storage solutions for overflowing stock – and that’s where we come in!

Keep up with seasonal changes

Regardless of what industry you’re in, you’ll probably find certain times of the year are busier than others. If you work in retail, for example, you may find you need to order extra stock to keep up with customer demand. When this happens, you could easily find yourself short on space as you prepare your business for its busiest season. Keeping extra stock in your office might not be feasible (not to mention at odds with health and safety regulations). However, investing in an extra storage facility might not be something you want to do if you only need additional room on a short-term basis.

Triple D Express can help by outsourcing storage on a flexible basis. We can keep your stock dry and safe at our fully insured premises for as long as you need. You won’t have to worry about making any long-term financial commitments, but you’ll have the extra storage space for your business when you need it.

Test the water before you expand

If you’re thinking of expanding your business or wondering whether it’s the right time to move to bigger premises, Triple D Express can help you test the water. By giving you the option to operate your business on a larger scale, we can help you find out whether expansion is a viable long-term plan. This is a particularly useful tactic if you want to try out new things, such as introducing a product line or targeting a specific market. If you have the option of outsourcing a service that provides storage space for businesses, you can roll out your plans without worrying about additional financial pressure. Instead, you’ll be able to pay for the storage you need while you determine a strategy for your business that is both sustainable and well-tested.

Opt for a storage solution with a built-in courier service

The outsourcing of storage space for businesses can help them accommodate changes in consumer habits. But as well as providing extra room for stock, they can also be a one-stop solution for the logistical problems business owners face. If you want your items moving as well as stored, Triple D Express can take care of both. We can pick up your goods (within 30 minutes if you’re also based in the Midlands), keep them safe at our secure premises then deliver them to their destination when needed. Whether you want your items delivered to a customer on the same day or later in the month, we provide full tracking so you can follow your consignment on its journey and have peace of mind that it will be in safe hands.

Contact Triple D Express to get extra storage space for your business

If you’d like more information about extra storage space for businesses, Triple D Express can help you. Call 0121 350 5063 or 07920 161 703 to find out how we can support your company. You can also use the contact form on our website or send an email to We’re here to help any business looking for storage solutions for overflowing stock.

empty warehouse

Storage Space for Businesses: Where to Go

Business owners sometimes struggle to store their inventory once their business has grown. When looking for storage space or warehouse to rent for your business, there are several options to consider, depending on your budget, needs and location. Let’s have a look at some of the options available.

Self-Storage Facilities

Self-storage units are suitable for businesses that require short-term storage, or temporary storage. You can choose from a range of different sizes and are likely to have access to the units 24/7. We recommend choosing a self-storage facility if you’re in need of storage as soon as possible, as it is a cost-effective option.

Find a Storage Warehouse to Rent

When thinking about renting a warehouse, it’s essential to carry out some research to save you time, money, and any future disappointment. Warehouse and industrial space can be used for various different purposes, including storage, production and distribution. What should you consider before renting a warehouse?

  1. Evaluate your storage usage

If you need to stack items, boxes or pallets, make sure you have enough vertical space. If you do not need any stacking space, there’s no reason to pay rent for a warehouse with high ceilings. Evaluate the type of storage space that you need and then look for warehouses that suit your needs.

  1. Parking Area

A car park can be helpful, depending on what you need your warehouse for. For example, if you need a warehouse purely for storing inventory, it might not be necessary to have a car park. However, if you are using the warehouse for distribution purposes, it could be more of a mandatory requirement. It’s also important to discuss the car parking situation with the landlord. This is because they can try to add extra charges sneakily.

  1. Operating Expenses

Operating costs are an important part of regular warehousing operations, and it’s important to see if these costs will be included in the rent or not. Your main goal is to identify possible warehouses that can handle your storage volume whilst keeping the products secure. Once you have a few options, you can then narrow down your options and see who has the best prices for the needs that you have.

Try Triple D Express if you need a warehouse to store your stock

Finding a warehouse to rent can be a daunting task, but once you consider the points mentioned above, you should have a few potential options. You can then narrow it down further and choose the option that is within your budget and the one that supports all the functions you need it for.


Finding the Right Warehouse to Store my Stock

Finding the right warehouse for your business isn’t an easy task, there are several factors you need to consider that will ensure efficient operations and cost-effectiveness. Let’s go through some different considerations you might need to make before getting a warehouse.


The location of the warehouse is one of the most important decisions you will need to make. You might just think you need a warehouse near you, but you should consider using a warehouse that is strategically situated near your suppliers, customers and transportation routes. Also, consider how close the warehouse is to major motorways, ports and airports for smooth-sailing distribution.

Think About What You Need

Determine the characteristics of your stock, such as size, type, quantity and any special storage requirements. For example, if your business deals with perishable goods, you would need a special type of storage that can regulate temperature. If you don’t have an idea of how much space you will need, you might struggle when finding the right warehouse for you.


It’s important to browse around different storage providers to get an idea of what it will cost your business. Negotiate different terms that align with your budget and the needs of your business.

Safety, Security & Insurance

When storing your stock in a warehouse, you need to have trust in the warehouse provider. To make sure your stock will be safe, perform a security audit to ensure the safety of the warehouse. It’s also vital to have a proper insurance policy in place for your goods; the warehouse is likely to have a policy but take the time to understand the terms.

Layout of the Warehouse

You might not think the layout of the warehouse is important, but it is. The layout can contribute to your daily overheads, so it’s important to evaluate whether the warehouse suits your operation styles. Efficient designs make operations quick and effortless.


Moving warehouses isn’t a quick process, so make sure to consider these factors before investing in storage for your business that not only serves your current needs but also has the power to serve your future growth.

What to Do When You’ve Got No Storage Space Left

Storage space for businesses can be one of the most difficult parts of being a business owner. It’s hard to know how much storage space they need for their inventory. When you’ve run out of space for your inventory, it can lead to various challenges and could cause a potential loss in sales. Let’s have a look at how you can manage this problem effectively.

Assess your Inventory

If you own a business or organisation, you need to conduct a thorough assessment of your inventory to identify which items are taking up the most space. You can then decide if these items are profitable enough to keep.

Optimise your Warehouse Layout

It’s important to maximise all of the space you have available. Reorganise the layout of your warehouse to make sure that you’re using all of the space. You could use vertical shelving

units or install mezzanine flooring to make sure that your optimising all the space you have.

Negotiate with your Suppliers

If it’s possible, negotiate with your suppliers about shorter lead times, smaller quantities or you could try and get more frequent deliveries. The reason that you should do this is because it can help to reduce the need to store inventory in large volumes.

Consider Off-Site Storage Space For Your Business

Consider renting additional storage off-site to prevent overcrowding the space you currently have available to you. Here at Triple D Express, storage space for businesses has never been easier. It’s important to consider off-site storage because it accommodates temporary excess inventory.

Implement a ‘Just in Time’ Strategy

A ‘just in time’ strategy is where you order and receive inventory only when it meets customer demand or is needed for production. Adopting this approach will reduce the amount of inventory sitting in storage.

It’s important to analyse your inventory and the amount of storage you’re currently using. Maintaining inventory levels is essential for your business to function smoothly. Always monitor and manage your stock to avoid running out of storage space.

Secure and Organised: Storage Solutions For UK Retailers

Securing and organising storage is important for retailers in the UK so that their operations can be optimised, maintain a clean and safe environment and to provide efficient customer service. It can be difficult to decide which storage to use as there are many storage solutions available that can help retailers. Keep reading to discover some of the most common and effective storage solutions.

Shelving Units

Shelving units are for storing smaller items and can be used in the ‘backrooms’ of retail stores, they come in all shapes and sizes and some are adjustable, depending on what you need.

Bins and Containers

Using bins and containers for storage is an effective method for many UK retailers. They can be used to store small parts and products, allowing for efficient inventory management, they can come in different colours, as well as clear plastic which makes it easy to locate specific inventory.


UK retailers usually have a lot of staff. Lockers are a great storage solution for any personal belongings of employees and can also be used as temporary storage.

Pallet Racking Systems

Pallet racking is great for storing large quantities of inventory. This method of storage allows for easy access to inventory and utilises the space in a stockroom.

Cold Storage Solutions

Some UK retailers deal with perishable items, which is when cold storage solutions come in handy. Investing in refrigerated storage is the only way to preserve these goods.

Display Solutions

Some retailers have physical stores. Using display fixtures with built-in storage keeps the store organised and tidy, as well as keeping stock maintained.

Mezzanine Flooring

The last storage solution we’re going to mention is mezzanine flooring. This can effectively double your storage place in a retail store. Also, raised platforms are great for storing extra inventory or can even be used as small office space.

Retailers should always consider factors such as the type of inventory, budget and available space before jumping straight into buying storage solutions. They also need to consider how they will manage the stock so that it’s easily accessible.

See How Storage Solutions Can Help Your Business

To find out more about the different storage options available, call Triple D Express on 0121 350 5063 or 07920 161 703. Alternatively, if you have any questions, email or fill out the contact form on our website.

Warehouse Woes No More: Optimal Storage Solutions for UK Industries

Optimal Storage Solutions for UK industries could vary depending on the specific industry and its needs. Take a look below at how the following optimal storage solutions can assist your business with managing your workload and stock.

Pallet-Racking Systems

Industries that deal with large quantities of palletised goods tend to use pallet-racking systems. The reason for this is that they efficiently use vertical spaces and give easy access to the goods. You would usually use these systems in warehouses and distribution centres.

Hazardous Materials Storage

Many industries deal with hazardous materials. You would need specialised storage for these materials for the safety of others. These storage systems should be following safety regulations to protect people and the environment.

Shelving and Racking Systems

Retail, automotive and manufacturing industries are likely to use shelving and racking systems to store their inventory. This type of storage is good for smaller items and non-palletised goods. Systems like this are organised and provide an easy solution for accessing goods.

Mezzanine Flooring

Another layer of storage space for inventory is an efficient way to store goods. This type of storage helps to maximise the available area for storage without the expense of building renovations. All our warehouses in Birmingham are fitted with safety flooring and aspects that will ensure your stock is kept safe and secure.

Outdoor Storage Solutions

Many industries, like construction and agriculture, use outdoor storage solutions. This is likely to be down to the fact that the size of their inventory is bigger. Outdoor storage solutions need to be weather-resistant for special equipment, an example of this is a shipping container.

Vertical Carousels

These systems are beneficial for industries dealing with small parts. Carousels utilise vertical space efficiently and bring the items to the operator. This reduces the time spent looking for items. At Triple D Express, we would always be on hand to help and offer our storage solutions to benefit your business. We are always on hand to help businesses at Triple D Express.

What is the Best Storage Solution?

As mentioned above, the best storage solutions completely depend on the industry of the business. It’s important for businesses to assess their needs as well as their budget before investing in storage. We recommend conversating with storage solution providers or experts in the industry for advice on what’s best for your business.

Man pulling a trolley across a warehouse

Effortless Inventory Management: Best Storage Solutions for UK SMEs

Efficient inventory management is important for the success of any business, Small and Medium Enterprises in particular. Keep reading to find out some of the best storage solutions for UK SMEs that keeps inventory organised.

Shelving Units

Shelving units have been around for a long time, but they’re still one of the best storage solutions. High-quality shelving units can be used in a vast range of business settings. They make room for easy organisation of products, meaning you can locate and access items promptly. You can get different sizes and weights to best suit your needs.

Plastic Bins and Containers

Plastic bins and containers are the best storage solution for small items because they come in different shapes and sizes. This makes them suitable for different types of products. It’s possible for these containers to come in clear plastic, making it easy to check how much inventory is in them.

Stackable Containers

Containers that you can stack are one of the most effective storage solutions because it allows you to optimise your space. You’re able to stack and fill the containers on top of each other which uses a lot less room than if you were to use separate units.

Vertical Carousels

These are a series of carriers attached in fixed locations to a chain drive. The movement is powered by a motor, which sends the carriers around a track. The vertically rotating shelves bring stored items to the operator. Vertical carousels are a good storage solution because they save a lot of floor space and simplify the picking stage.

Specialised Storage Solutions

This solution is less used as it is only a good option for businesses in a specific industry. Your business might require specialised storage. For example, your business might need storage that has climate control due to perishable goods. This is when you would look at this type of storage.

How to Figure Out Which Storage Solution You Need

Not every business needs the same storage. Businesses vary in terms of budget, available space, and the types of products they deal with. It’s important to take a step back and think about the most effective storage solution for you, and which solution is realistic for your business.

Learn how to cope if your logistics fall apart

What happens when your logistics fall apart?

What happens when your logistics fall apart? This age-old question can affect almost every business, especially if you are a distributor. If you are a supplier, distributor, or just ship products, you must work with your logistics provider to ensure they can cope. You also need to have a backup plan just in case that does not happen. Having someone in reserve to pick up the pieces is not bad. It just means that you can be prepared if the worst happens. Every business needs to plan ahead, and Triple D Express is perfect for helping in that respect. Here’s what to do if your distributor, supplier, or courier is struggling with our usual logistical plans:

What happens when your logistics fall apart?

Triple D Express is always on hand for anyone experiencing logistical issues. The way logistics works means that issues will always arise. Whether it is physical issues on the road or the fact that companies do not have enough space to store stocks anymore. This was no more evident than during the pandemic when couriers just had no room. That saw a huge rise in companies struggling to deliver our stock and couriers not having the facilities to help. Some companies were impacted more than others, and honesty was the only other option. Customers had to be made aware that due to volume, there was no way that the supply chain could cope. At the end of the day, customers will appreciate honesty rather than being misled about where our stock is. Fortunately, Triple D Express are always on hand to help. Thanks to suitably sized secure storage solutions (warehouse), we can assist with any issues that may arise.

Call Triple D if your logistics fall apart

So if you are a business that is struggling to transport your stock or your courier service has let you down, Triple D Express will definitely be able to help! Speak to us and learn more about how we can assist by filling out our contact form here.

Triple D Express Storage Solutions work as a Boon for UK Companies

In today’s highly interconnected global market, the success of any business heavily relies on the smooth functioning of its logistics operations. However, even the most well-established companies can face unforeseen challenges that disrupt our supply chain, leaving them grappling with significant losses. When such unfortunate events occur, companies must act swiftly and decisively to mitigate the impact and get back on track. 

This is where Triple D Express storage solutions can be a game-changer, offering a lifeline for businesses that have lost all stock due to logistics failures. This article will explore the actions companies should take in the face of logistics failures and highlight the manifold benefits of partnering with Triple D Express.

Assess the Situation and Communicate

When faced with a logistics failure, the first step is to assess the extent of the problem and communicate it effectively to stakeholders, including employees, customers, and suppliers. Transparency is key in maintaining trust and preventing further disruptions. By promptly addressing the issue and providing regular updates, companies can ensure that our stakeholders are well-informed and understand the steps being taken to resolve the situation.

Evaluate and Analyse the Root Causes

Understanding the root causes behind the logistics failure is crucial to prevent similar incidents in the future. A thorough analysis will help identify systemic issues in internal processes, external suppliers, or external factors beyond the company’s control. Businesses can implement preventive measures to strengthen their supply chain resilience by conducting a comprehensive evaluation.

What Happens When Your Logistics Fall Apart? Seek Alternative Storage Solutions

After a logistics failure, companies face the challenge of managing their stock effectively and minimising the financial impact. This is where Triple D Express storage solutions come into play. As a trusted industry leader, Triple D Express offers state-of-the-art warehousing facilities tailored to the unique needs of UK businesses. 

With strategically located warehouses equipped with advanced security systems and efficient inventory management, Triple D Express ensures the safe and secure storage of goods during critical times.

Benefits of Triple D Express Storage Solutions

Rapid and Flexible Solutions

Triple D Express understands the urgency of restoring operations swiftly. Our storage solutions offer an immediate response, enabling companies to regain control over their inventory quickly. Moreover, our flexible options allow businesses to scale up or down based on their requirements, providing the agility to adapt to fluctuating market conditions.

Enhanced Security

Triple D Express prioritises the security of stored goods. With cutting-edge surveillance systems, strict access controls, and temperature-controlled environments, our warehouses offer a secure and controlled storage environment. This mitigates the risk of theft, damage, or spoilage, ensuring the integrity of goods throughout the storage period.

Streamlined Inventory Management

Triple D Express employs advanced inventory management systems, enabling businesses to maintain visibility and control over their stock. With real-time tracking and automated processes, companies can efficiently monitor inventory levels, anticipate demand, and streamline operations. This level of transparency empowers businesses to make informed decisions and optimise their supply chain.

Cost Optimisation

By leveraging Triple D Express storage solutions, companies can minimise their financial losses from logistics failures. Instead of incurring additional expenses to establish temporary storage facilities or renting space on short notice, businesses can rely on Triple D Express’ cost-effective solutions, eliminating the need for large upfront investments and ongoing maintenance costs.

Why you should use Triple D Express when your logistics fall apart

Logistics failures can disrupt the most robust supply chains, leaving businesses vulnerable. However, by taking swift and decisive action, companies can recover from such setbacks and regain control over their operations. Triple D Express storage solutions act as a lifeline, offering rapid, secure, and cost-effective alternatives for businesses that have lost all stock. With its state-of-the-art warehousing facilities, advanced security measures, streamlined inventory management, and flexible options, Triple D Express empowers UK companies to navigate logistics failures confidently. By partnering with Triple D Express, businesses can ensure the continuity of their operations and emerge stronger from the challenges they face in the ever-evolving global marketplace.

Triple D Express can help your business with our storage solutions

Can these storage solutions help you?

Professional storage solutions are not a service exclusive to businesses. As much as outsourcing storage can support a company of any size that has stock, it can also help individuals who need to keep items safe on a short or long-term basis. But with so many options available, how do you know which storage solutions are most suited to help you or meet the needs of the business you work for?

Secure storage solutions to support businesses of all sizes

From a commercial point of view, outsourcing storage can make life much easier. Perhaps your company has expanded and requires more room for stock, or maybe you own a small business that needs somewhere to keep products safe. As more enterprises choose to operate online, the need for storage has increased in demand, leading many businesses and individuals to contemplate their next move.

Relocating to new premises isn’t always financially viable, and storing items in a small office space can often breach health and safety legislation. Business owners can benefit from the additional storage space without the financial commitment or hefty outlays by opting to keep products in a safe location. Just be sure the premises are dry and fully insured and that there isn’t a limit on how long stock can be held.

Combine storage with a courier service to handle time-sensitive call-offs

Does your business rely on time-sensitive call-offs? Perhaps you work in the telecommunications industry and need to respond to customers quickly, or maybe your retail company offers a same-day delivery service. Regardless of the nature of your work, society has heightened consumer expectations, and businesses are expected to respond faster than ever, which is where a courier service can take the pressure off.

By outsourcing your deliveries to a company that combines logistical support with storage solutions, you can be sure your customers will receive their goods when they want them. Because businesses like Triple D Express have the capacity to manage repeat or one-off items from stock. We can handle all aspects of your company’s delivery service and get them on the road even when time is short. Our dedicated can even pick the items up from your office/warehouse and take the entire process off your hands to help to free up your time.

Rely on storage solutions to keep your personal items safe

There’s no doubt that professional storage solutions can enhance a business’s reputation and provide practical support, but they can also be a lifeline in our personal lives when circumstances change. As we move homes, we may need to rely on storage services to keep our belongings safe for practical reasons while the administration side of relocating catches up. As much as we all want moving to be a smooth process, the reality is that there can be many setbacks, and having a storage service as a backup can take a lot of the pressure off – especially when your personal items can be delivered to your new address as part of the service.

Because companies that provide an integrated courier/storage service have the capacity to transport large items, you won’t need to worry about the safety of your belonging while they’re onsite or in transit. Instead, you can have peace of mind that your personal goods will be stored securely and moved safely to their new home when the time is right.

See how storage solutions can help your business

To find out more about the different storage solutions to help you and your business, you can call Triple D Express on 0121 350 5063 or 07920 161 703. Alternatively, if you have any questions, email or fill out the contact form on our website.